National Security Committee of Tajikistan was caught in a lie

Most of those, who attacked the frontier post, were citizens of Tajikistan, and they did not come from Afghanistan.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan has established that most of the attackers at the frontier post are Tajik citizens, who come from the north of the country,” Tajik media reported. “There were also women among the attackers.”

A day earlier, a representative of the Afghan security forces denied the Tajik side’s statement that the militants came from Afghanistan. According to him, the Afghan-Tajik section of the border, which is called the Tajik side, is thoroughly guarded from both sides, and it was impossible to get through this area and pass unnoticed.

Thus, the official version of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan was completely disproved.

Earlier, the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan reported that on the night of November 6, an armed group of 20 masked people using firearms attacked the frontier post No.4 “Ishkobod” of the military unit of the border detachment “Sultanabad”, said the press service of the State Border Troops of the National Security Committee of Tajikistan. “As a result of the operation of the security forces, 15 members of the armed criminal group, who were surrounded, were neutralized, 5 of them were detained. In the armed shootout, 1 soldier of the Border Troops and 1 employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan died.”

Later, the press center of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan reported that the attackers were militants of the group “Islamic state” banned in Tajikistan. “During the interrogation of the detained militants, it turned out that the armed terrorist group illegally crossed the state border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan on November 3,” the Tajik state agency said. “They came from Kalyai Zol (the province of Afghanistan) by a special order using the darkness. They chose the frontier post “Ishkobod” as the most convenient position and entered into an armed shootout”.

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