In Kyrgyzstan, Ministry of Finance will pay $716 to victim of torture

The state will pay $716 to a 22-year-old man who was brutally tortured for several hours by six police officers of the District Prosecutor’s office of Aksy.

Such a decision, on October 29, was made by the district court of Jalal-Abad region. The Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic was ordered to pay money to the victim. This is reported by the human rights organization “Justice”.

Recall that in October 2016 in the city of Kerben (Jalal-Abad region), a large sum of money was stolen in an auto parts store. From the cash desk, according to the owners of the sales outlet, more than $17 000 were lost (1 200 000 KGS at the exchange rate on October 30, 2019). To search for the robbers, investigators of the Regional department of the internal affairs of Aksy district studied video data from surveillance cameras. Despite the fact that the video was of very bad quality, and only silhouettes of attackers are visible on it on suspicion of committing this crime, a resident of Kerben, 22-year-old Maksatbek uulu Samarbek, was detained.

The young man at that time was working in vulcanization just opposite the robbed auto parts store. The operatives visited him at work, pinioned the guy and took him to the nearest police station. Despite Samarbek’s statements that he had nothing to do with the incident, six investigators tortured the guy for several hours, trying to wrest an admission of guilt from him.

“They beat me and put a plastic bag and a gas mask on my head more than 15 times. They threatened with a stun gun. During interrogation, I lost consciousness several times,” recalls the victim.

According to Samarbek, six people participated in “wresting” the admission of guilt. The seventh came later and persuaded him to take the blame on himself.

Tired of beating, the young man decided to take the blame on himself. He managed to convince the police to allegedly go for the money stolen by him. So he was able to bring police officers to the house of his grandmother, and hide in it, where at that time were two his uncles.

Later, the parents of the young man came to the house. They demanded that the police officers explain what was happening and provide evidence of the guilt of their son. However, to this day, Samarbek’s guilt has not been proved, moreover, he was never formally charged.

Relatives of the young man appealed to the human rights organization “Justice” for help in initiating criminal proceedings against six police officers who tortured their son.

“We appealed to the Prosecutor’s office of Aksy district five times to institute criminal proceedings against six operative officers of the police department. But all attempts were unsuccessful. We were indignant that in Kyrgyzstan, in this case, represented by the Prosecutor’s office, the obligations to investigate torture under the UN Convention are not fulfilled. The standards of an effective investigation are not respected, which can be achieved only after the initiation of a criminal case,” HR organization “Justice” commented on.

However, in their opinion, the decision of the district court of Jalal-Abad region gives hope that not everything in Kyrgyzstan is lost in the matter of torture.

“We welcome the court’s decision and believe that this is one of the indicators of judicial reform in the country,” concluded Sardor Abdukhalilov, the lawyer of the human rights organization “Justice” in Jalal-Abad.

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