In Kyrgyzstan, human rights defenders-tricksters appear

The Ombudsman Institute of Kyrgyzstan calls on citizens of the Republic not to use the dubious “human rights services” of private individuals.

According to the Ombudsman, several cases were registered in Kyrgyzstan when people became victims of pseudo-human rights defenders.

“People come to us and declare that they contacted us at the Ombudsman’s Institute, allegedly through our regional representative, and we did not respond to these cases,” the Ombudsman of the Kyrgyz Republic Tokon Mamytov told ACCA.

Based on the received appeals, the Ombudsman Institute conducted an audit. It turned out that the person, who promised to help the victims, has nothing to do with the Ombudsman Institute and, accordingly, their appeals did not reach the addressee.

“Moreover, we have established that such intermediary services were provided to citizens not for free. After studying the situation, we identified several similar cases,” Mamytov added.

In this connection, the Ombudsman’s Institute reminds and draws special attention of citizens to receive the most efficient and effective assistance in situations where their rights are violated, people have to contact the Ombudsman’s Institute directly or through their relatives.

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