In Kyrgyzstan, authorities intend to deprive corrupt officials of the right to amnesty

Deputies of the Kyrgyzstan’s Parliament are preparing a draft law that will deprive prisoners convicted under several articles of the right to amnesty. The deputy Iskhak Masaliev said it to the ACCA.

According to Masaliev, a legal conflict appeared in the country after the new Criminal and other Codes, as well as the Amnesty Law, entered into force on January 1, 2019.

“The new law has a list of articles for which an amnesty is not applicable. But a number of them, according to the new Criminal Code, due to very short term of punishment, do not fall into the category of especially serious ones,” the parliamentarian noted. Among the articles on which convicts could theoretically be amnestied due to disagreements in the laws, were “Corruption”, “Hostage-taking”, “Organizing mass riots”, “Inciting ethnic hostility”, “High treason”, “Espionage”.

In this regard, parliamentarians have developed a draft law concerning introduction of changes, which should eliminate the contradictions. However, according to Iskhak Masaliev, the document is not ready yet; many questions need to be finalized. It is planned that before the end of the year it will be submitted to the core Committee.

 “The country has not had an amnesty for three years. It must be carried out, but until the contradictions are resolved, there will be no amnesty,” the parliamentarian explained.

 Recall that the new Criminal Code, the Code of misconduct, the Code of violations, the Criminal Executive Code and the Code of criminal procedure, as well as amnesty and probation laws were adopted in 2017, but entered into force only in 2019. After the entry into force of the above regulatory legal acts, multiple contradictions were identified.

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