In Kyrgyzstan, a border guard faces penalties for alleging corruption

Senior officer of the border control and organizational work department of Osh oblast Directorate of the State Border Service (SBS) the lieutenant colonel Talgat Alanov at the press conference in the news agency AKIpress-Osh, on November 27, openly stated about corruption in the border service.

The lieutenant colonel spoke about several facts of corruption as a witness, which he became during the service.

“As an employee of the checkpoint “Kyzyl-Bel” [“Red Belt”] in Batken oblast, I was introduced to a security officer. He invited me to assist in the “work” at the checkpoint “Kyzyl-Bel”, but I did not agree. As far as I know, this person is still working,” said Talgat Alanov.

In addition, according to Alanov, all personnel appointments in the north are controlled by a certain Alpamyshov. He, according to Alanov, played an important role in the appointment of the lieutenant colonel.

Also, the soldier told how border guards illegally robbed tourists.

“Some SBS officers took $100 and $600 from tourists crossing the checkpoints “Irkeshtam” and “Dostuk” in the south of the Republic. In Sary-Tash, where I served in the summer of this year, there was the same story. An officer for crossing the border took $200 from German tourists,” the soldier added.

The reaction from Alanov’s colleagues was not long in coming. On the same day, statements of corruption were denied by Adylbek Seydaliev, the deputy chief of Osh regional department of the State Border Service.

“This is not true. I want to apologize for speaking at the press conference,” Seydaliev said.

Later, on November 28, the Press service of the State Border Service of Kyrgyzstan distributed a message stating that its employee’s behavior was inappropriate.

“As an acting officer of the SBS, he violated the regulations of the Charter of the Internal service of the Armed forces. In the case of failure to take measures on his appeals by the administration, he should contact the Military or the General Prosecutor’s office or other law enforcement agencies with the allegedly available materials. Alanov, speaking at the press conference, violated not only the Charter, but also the moral and ethical standards of the officer’s behavior,” the SBS said.

It is reported that the Department intends to send materials to the Military Prosecutor’s office of the Republic to verify the voiced facts and provide a legal assessment of the actions of the military officer.

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