In Kyrgyzstan, 64 extremist websites have been blocked

Access to 64 websites, 233 accounts and video channels of Internet users is prohibited and limited in the Republic. This was reported by the General Prosecutor of Kyrgyzstan.

The reason for taking such measures was the content of these websites. They circulated informational materials promoting the terrorist and extremist activities of individual organizations.

The supervisor emphasized that separatism, the division of society on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race, gender, as well as the recruitment of mercenaries, including involving minors in illegal activities, are growing on the Internet.

“In order to counteract, in 2019, the Prosecutor General’s office submitted 19 petitions to the court regarding the recognition of information materials distributed on the Internet as extremist. The court upheld the statement,” the report says.

We add that information about which particular websites were blocked and for what kind of materials is not specified.

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