Hunger strike defendant in Kyrgyzstan lost consciousness

The defendant in the case of the murder of the prosecutor of Batken region Melis Kalykov lost consciousness in the courtroom. His relatives addressed the request for his hospitalization, but they were refused. Law enforcement agencies also refuse to institute criminal proceedings on the fact of torture against Kalykov.

In the court of Osh, the criminal case for the murder of Batken oblast prosecutor Anarbai Mamazhakypov is ongoing. The defendant Melis Kalykov, because of the refusal to challenge the judge, in respect of whom three criminal cases are currently open, announced an unlimited hunger strike – he has been refusing food for seven days.

“My brother is in a grave condition. We turned to the court and law enforcement agencies for permission to hospitalize him, but they refused us,” the defendant’s sister Damira Kalykova told ACCA.

According to her, despite the condition of her brother, he continues to be led to court hearings.

“Today in court, he lost consciousness. He was brought to his senses and continued consideration of the case. The media used to be allowed to hear, now journalists are not allowed. I think that nobody needs the truth about the murder of the prosecutor, so it will be beneficial for them if my brother dies without telling the truth,” said Damira Kalykova.

According to investigators, on November 18, 2018, Melis Kalykov abducted and brutally killed the prosecutor of Batken region Anarbai Mamazhakypov. However, the defense insists on the defendant’s innocence.

“My brother told me that he was tortured in order to extract confessions from him. Despite this, he still did not take the blame, because he did not kill. The investigation rigs the facts to hang a murder on him. There is a lot of conflicting information in the case, but the court does not seem to see this, it seems that the court has the task of hanging the murder on my brother,” said the sister of the defendant Damira Kalykova.

Information on torture is also confirmed by the lawyer of the defendant Asylbek Kungurov.

“Melis Kalykov told me about the use of torture. On this occasion, he wrote a statement to the State Committee for National Security, but they refused to institute criminal proceedings there. Then we appealed to the Batken City Court. However, having examined the application, they sent it to the court of Kadamzhai district. They also decided that there was no reason to institute criminal proceedings. We appealed to the Batken Regional Court, where tomorrow, August 14, there will be a session to appeal this decision,” the lawyer told ACCA.

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