80% of free Legal Aid Centers don’t work in Kyrgyzstan

Human rights activists note that at the same time, the report on successful activities is written regularly, and employees of the Centers receive salaries.


The heads of the Public Foundation “Center for the development of law and legislation” and the Public Foundation “Man, law, freedom” shared information that only two of the surveyed heads of village administrations knew about the existence of Centers guaranteed by state legal aid in their regions, the other 35 gave a negative answer.

“80% of the Centers guaranteed by the state of free legal aid don’t work,” this opinion was voiced by representatives of the non-governmental sector. At the same time, they noted that the report on successful activities is written, and employees of the Center receive salaries.

Recall that the law “On state-guaranteed legal aid” was signed in 2009 and entered into force in 2011. To date, more than $1 million (77 million KGS) is allocated annually from the budget for these purposes.

At the beginning of the program, legal assistance was provided only to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. Now, foreign citizens, stateless persons, as well as refugees, have such an opportunity. The law is socially oriented. According to it, support in the form of legal advice and qualified legal assistance should receive socially vulnerable segments of the population.

The director of the Public Foundation “Center for the development of law and legislation” Maripa Ermekova sees the successful implementation of this law in the systemic coordination of lawyers, judicial and law enforcement agencies, civil society.

“So far, it has not been possible to build such a system work. For example, many lawyers today act as intermediaries, forgetting about their direct duties. Representatives of the non-governmental sector are closest to the people,” said Ermekova.

The low efficiency of the Centers providing free legal aid is also recognized by other human rights organizations. In this connection, on November 13, in the office of the Central office of the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan, the tripartite agreement on cooperation was signed between the Ombudsman of the Republic, the Center for the Coordination of state-guaranteed legal assistance and the Public Foundation “Lawyers for human rights”.

It is noted that the agreement is aimed at providing citizens of Kyrgyzstan with effective and efficient legal assistance.

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