26 corrupt police officers were convicted in southern Kazakhstan

In Shymkent, on November 11, the trial of the case concerning an organized criminal group involved in the illegal issuance of driver’s licenses, registration of cars, legalization of property obtained by criminal means and many others was completed. It is noteworthy that 26 of 38 persons involved in this case, who appeared in the court, were employees (now former) of law enforcement agencies.

According to the Anti-Corruption Agency, the former head of the registration and examination department (RED) of the Department of Internal Affairs in the South Kazakhstan (now Turkestan) region, three heads of regional and one city level REDs, traffic police and criminalists are also among the defendants.

“They were charged with the following crimes: taking a bribe, attempting to bribe (give a bribe) employees of the Anti-Corruption Service for general patronage, production, sale and use of forged documents, legalization of property obtained by criminal means, official forgery, creation, management and participation in a criminal organization, 144 facts of illegal issuance of driver’s licenses and 353 illegal registrations of cars imported in Kazakhstan as spare parts with an estimated damage of more than $6.9 million. Criminal case consists of 1538 volumes,” said the Agency.

As follows from the message, by the verdict of the Specialized Inter-District Criminal Court of the city of Shymkent, the head of the RED was sentenced to 11 years in prison, his subordinates (the heads of the RED of the district and city level) sentenced to 10 years in prison. Car inspectors and criminalists, as well as intermediaries (civilians) received various terms of imprisonment and restriction of freedom.

In addition, all prisoners are deprived of their right to occupy public service posts for life.

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